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1, Q: Not find the target product or need more information.

   A: The products in the "Product page" are not all of our products. Therefore you can contact us through the Email address:info@ddwaem.com and we will feed you back within 12 hours. Even if we currently don't produce the target product you need, we will still provide you the information that may help you to find out a best solution.

2, Q: Product customization.

   A: DDW have the professional engineering department, so we can provide you with the customized product according to the drawing you provide.

Production and delivery:

1, Q: What is the production cycles?

   A: It depends on the scale and the models of your order. But normally we can finish the production within 50 to 60 days. We will give you the exact time after we received your order.

2, Q: What are the methods of delivery?

   A: We normally transport by ship and airlift.

Price and payment:

1, Q: Where can I find the price of the products?

   A: As the fluctuation of raw-materials prices and different manufacturing costs in differernt scale, it is irresponsible to give a simple price on each product, so in terms of the specific price, we must have some information about your order first, such as the expect scale of the order,the lead times and the warranty policy you want, customization of products etc..

      Please contact info@ddwaem.com to have the accurate price.

2, Q: What are the methods of payment?

   A: The first order of each customer we accept T/T transfer. If it is not the first order of ours, L/C is also accepted.

3, Q: What is the minimum quantity of order(MOQ)?

   A: There is no minimum quantity of order, so if you want to order some samples or just order one for your own use, we will still accept the requirement.