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As the manufacturing enterprise specializing in the production of integrated starter generator(ISG), DDW embodies its advantages in every aspect. Meanwhile, these advantages of DDW can promote the competition of our customers in their own industry.
The cooperation between Company A and DWW is a good case in point. 


In the traditional factory model, customers often need to do the secondary package and packing based on their marketing strategy of product. In the meantime, as the manufacturing enterprises, they are unwilling or unable to offer the corresponding package service for customers.
While it is worth mentioning that DDW views the need of customers as our responsibility. We will make our effort to meet the need of customers.

During the cooperation with Company A, DDW satisfied all the requirements that the customer needed, including the design and filling of package, product description, fragile label etc. This practice resulted in a lower human costs, time costs and purchase costs for Company A because the customer could sell directly after cargo arrive storage.

Cost reduction :$50,000/YEAR


The matured product is the major part in the sale volume of DDW. However, because of the fierce market competition, it cannot maintain a higher profit rate. Meanwhile, in the long run, the profit rate is likely to show the decline tendency. In this case, if DDW constantly rolled out new products, customers would increase the profit rate and enhance the impact among consumers.


Back to this case, as the sales terminal. Company A took advantage to provide the latest demand information in the market for DDW. According to the analysis, mining and sharing. DDW made a series development plan of new products and implemented successfully. Finally, thanks to these new fast selling products, the profit rate of Company A has tripled.

Profit Growth:$170,000/YEAR



Inventory is a double-edged sword for any company. A certain amount of inventory gives the opportunity for companies to response to the change of market, however, on the other side, it increases the cost.
 Nevertheless, DDW will help our customers to overcome these troubles. In order to address this problem, when customers have emergency requirements which are unplanned before, DDW will respond swiftly to the needs. This is responding to the inventory buffer results from the analysis of DDW’s sales data and historical data.


On the basis of the cooperation for many years, Company A further customized the inventory agreement with DDW. In this way, Company A can require DDW inventory based on their own sales data and forecasts. As a consequence, Company A can cut down the cost of inventory. What’s more, the market response ability of Company A obtains significant improvement.

Cost reduction :$340,000/YEAR


The MOQ model of most manufacturing enterprises is not often work for many SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises). But for the product which is selling at a slow pace, higher MOQ will pose the double pressure of capital and inventory of SMEs. 
Whereas, the integration of MOQ in DDW can resolve this problem. DDW do not have any requirements of minimum order quantity. But due to the consideration of logistics cost and production cycle, when customers orders small-batch products, DDW will recommend them to buy different model products in one order to maintain a certain quantity.


Based on the mixture MOQ model of DDW, Company A compressed the order quantity of product which is selling at a slow pace and expanded the products types. By this means, Company A increase their product line available for sale in the same inventory capacity.

Profit Growth:$37,000/YEAR



For the enterprise, product competitiveness does not only depend on the price of products. For the consumer, product quality is one of the most vital parts. But unlike the price, the quality of products can not compare intuitively and the quality advantage can not promote directly as well.
However, the quality guarantee policy of DDW allows customers to realize the quality advantage intuitively.


After negotiating with DDW, Company A built a new high-end brand which provided a two-year quality guarantee for their consumers. This practice won for themselves many premium customers and promoted the brand image of Company A.


Profit Growth:$470,000/YEAR



Up to now, the development of China’s manufacturing industry still in the extensive type. With the weak service consciousness and after-sales support of manufacturing enterprises, customers have to take many risks after purchasing products.
While, professional sales and foreign trade teams in DDW can dock with customer's business. Our teams can solve many after-sales problems put forward by customers, such as technical details of products, which can solve their concerns.


For instance, Company A received an order for a batch of alternator. But they found that there’s no such item in their stock. The problem is that if they put on a new order, the lead time will not be postponed. After communicating with DDW, we found out that there’s one batch of item in the warehouse of Company A can change into their target item by simply replace the pulley.  Therefore, DDW sent the new batch of pulley by air to Company A which help Company A complete delivery.

In the case mentioned above, it is our meticulous service that help Company A to save expenditure and create benefits about:


However, What DDW can do is far more than these!